Reasons you get eczema when showering in hard water

Nothing is more fulfilling for our team than all of the customers who come to us and thank us for helping them solve their dry hair and dry skin problems. Now we are not claiming we can heal eczema, but we are here to share a few facts we found out about the damaging effects of hard water while researching and developing our product line.

Starting with the basics – what is eczema? Eczema is medical condition in which patches of skin become rough and inflamed from excessive dryness. It’s difficult to describe exactly how eczema looks because it can look very different on every affected individual. Each person that is affected from this particular skin condition will see it present itself in a different form, though there will be some similarities that make the condition easy to identify as eczema. In most cases, eczema’s external symptoms are dry, itchy, red skin, occasionally with painful blisters. Typically, an entire patch of skin will be affected, and though it can appear anywhere on the body, the arms are the most common area of the body to be affected by eczema.

Why you can develop eczema from hard water

One of our favourite missions at Vitaclean is to educate about hard water! We talk about it so often not because it is such a fun subject, but because we feel it’s important to share vital information with our customers regarding the damaging effects hard water has on their skin and hair. One of the leading causes of eczema and dry skin is showering in hard water! So how does this all happen? Here’s a quick run-down:

  • The minerals contained in hard water dry out your skin, which can lead to eczema very quickly if left untreated.

  • Minerals from hard water dry on the skin and clog pores and meanwhile the sebum (an oily substance that plays an important role in keeping your skin healthy) from your skin is washed away. These changes cause flaking of the skin and an unpleasant itching sensation

Hard water can react with soap to form salts, which also remain on the skin and cause irritation.

So how can you prevent these skin issues caused by your shower water?

Shower filters

Most water filtration devices are expensive, hard to install, and not at all renter friendly. They simply don’t fit the lifestyle of our modern day go-getters. Luckily, there is a quick and easy-to-install solution, the Vitaclean shower head. Our amazing product helps you solve your dry skin and hair problems by preventing them where they happen most frequently, the shower. Many of our customers have called us the best Vitamin C shower head and eczema water filter because it immediately softens your shower water, thereby relieving dry skin and hair problems.

Our Vitamin C shower filter contains Vitamin C concentrate that promotes healthier hair and skin; the results of which can be seen within just a few uses of the Vitamin C shower filter. In addition, the mixing of essential oils into the filter has countless aromatherapy benefits. These natural aroma oils in the water filter can be purchased in a range of natural scents including lemon-mango, rose or coconut-vanilla.


But that’s not all, our shower head is equipped with two other levels of filtration; ceramic balls and a microfiber cloth! Have you recently looked at your current shower head? Did you notice the white build up around the spray holes? This is a common occurrence in shower heads that do not have a water filter. The combination of residual rust, chlorine, lime scale, and hard water become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. Our ceramic balls technology is anti-bacterial and prevents bacterial build up in the head of your shower head. Even better, the microfiber cloth captures all residual rust particles that travel throughout the water piping system. These three levels of filtration are a powerful combination that is proven to provide healthy Vitamin C filtered water.