For all of our Vitaclean jet-setters!

During the times when we wish to look our best, when we travel or go on vacation, we will pack all of our favorite makeup and beauty products and yet we don’t give a single thought to how the local water will affect our skin.
Adjusting to foreign water composition can leave your skin vulnerable to itchiness, dryness and even acne. Our Vitamin-C filtered shower heads ease the adjustment by protecting your hair and skin from any harsh chemicals or water hardness in the new water.
If traveling with a shower head seems like a crazy idea at first, we are here to tell you that traveling with your Vitaclean shower head is actually so much simpler than you think! It is even easier than traveling with a hair straightener or curling iron as those will usually require adaptors. The handheld shower head is universally compatible; it fits perfectly on over 90% of all showers worldwide!
The travel filter is under 100 ml, the lightweight shower head takes up very little space and our waterproof packaging is ideal to just SCREW IT AND GO! 
Happy summer travels to all our Vitaclean jet-setters!