What's in the Vitamin C and Essential oils filter?

The filter is composed of dextrin, pectin, Vitamin C, distilled water, and essential oil.

I know nothing about shower heads! How do I know if I'll be able to replace my current one with a Vitaclean shower head?  

The first step is to check if you have a handheld shower head or wall mount shower head. A handheld is on a shower hose while a wall mount shower head comes straight from the ceiling.

My handheld Vitaclean shower head came with a spare rubber ring, where do I place this?

The extra black rubber ring is intended to be placed on top of the shower hose before screwing in your new shower head.

When do I know its time to replace the Microfiber cloth filter?

If the spray is scattered or your water flow is not consistent we advice you to replace the microfiber filter. To replace the filter open the shower head cap by twisting it counter-clock wise and place the new filter.

How long does my vitamin C shots last?

Depending on the amount of times you shower, your handheld vitamin C shot last about 3-4 weeks. Your wall mount vitamin C shot lasts about 7-8 weeks.

How long can I keep the vitamin C shot inside the shower head?

Must be used within 12 months of opening. If going away for periods longer than 1 week filter should be taken out of the shower head.

Can I use Vitaclean with an electrical shower?

Vitaclean should NOT to be used with an electric shower.

How often do I have to replace the ceramic balls and cloth filter?

We recommend replacing the ceramic balls and cloth every 2-3 months.    

Vitaclean shower heads fit easily into any standard shower head fixture which the majority of homes have. If you are unsure about your shower head fitting, you can email us a picture of your current shower head at and we can help you!