How to tell when it's time to change your microfiber cloth and ceramic balls

Is your shower head spraying in weird directions? Did your water pressure change?
If so, the good news is that your shower head is not faulty! It only means that it is time to change your anti-bacterial ceramic balls and microfiber cloth.
cloth after 2 month

Both the anti-bacterial balls and the microfiber cloth go directly in the top round part of your shower head.

They filter out impurities and fight off bacteria buildup in your shower head so that you can be confident you are having the cleanest and healthiest shower experience possible! 


girl sitting on bathtub


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Did you know that the inside of a shower head can be a breeding ground for bacteria and, when water is passes through it, the bacteria shoots out onto your face & body? 

Yes.. the mental imagine is extremely unpleasant. The main bacteria found in shower heads can include Mycobacterium avium and Legionella.

While these may be hard for us to even pronounce, the anti-bacterial ceramic balls in your Vitaclean shower head prevent them from building up and the cloth microfiber cloth captures and locks them in.


girl on bath tub

You’ll notice two signs that your microfiber cloth and ceramic balls need to be replaced:


  1. They will turn grey or yellow from all the grime that passes through old pipes
  2. The stream of the shower head starts to spray in different directions because the microfiber cloth is oversaturated.


Generally, we recommend changing them every 3 months and not thinking too hard about what all that disgusting stuff was doing to your skin before your got your shower head.