Are you using the right shampoo?

Vitaclean + the right shampoo = hair goals 

Ever wasted an hour in the shampoo aisle pouring over labels and still felt confused? Us too... 
At the base of it, shampoo is pretty simple. It includes three main things – surfactants to cleanse the hair, actives to give the desired effect (volume, repair ect.) and fragrance. That being said, different hair types do need different formulas. 
Vitaclean Tip: Look out for formulas with natural ingredients. The price point might be a little higher but the benefits are so worth it. Here’s our guide to choosing a shampoo to suit your hair type.


Keep oil at bay with a mild cleansing shampoo and to amplify your style, try a volumizing label – these open the cuticles to encourage growth and reinforce existing strands with keratin. 


If your hair is feeling dry and brittle, it’s time to load up on moisture. The answer? Plenty of conditioner. Be sparse with the shampoo as this can strip hair of much-needed hydration. 


Hydration is key for curly hair, too. Some opt for the no-poo method (washing sans shampoo and skipping straight to the conditioner). 


Pick a protein-based shampoo with hydrating ingredients such as silk amino acids, to prevent breakage by retaining moisture (they’ll keep your hue bold as well). 


Dandruff sufferers should choose an antimicrobial formula that targets the scalp’s fungal infection. A shampoo with soothing ingredients like tea tree oil or willow bark can help stop itchiness, too. 

All hair-types 

Whatever your hair type, it’s a good idea to work a clarifying shampoo into your weekly routine. This will unclog follicles of any build-up, allowing other treatments to penetrate each strand, amplifying results. 


If you want to remove build-up day-to-day, shower with filtered water. A Vitaclean shower head not only removes pollutants but neutralizes chlorine, too. Our Vitamin C shots also infuse your water with essential oils and vitamins, giving you the foundations for healthy, cared-for hair.