The Vitamin C Shower

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Whether you take a morning shower or an evening shower (or both), we can all agree a good shower can cure just about every one of life’s problems. We sing, dream, relax, occasionally cry and eventually plan our world takeover in the shower; it is the ultimate place of sanctuary- (no email, notification zone). However, your hair and skin sadly don’t always come out of the shower feeling as refreshed as your soul. In fact, often they are weighed down by all the hard water, limescale and residual pipe particles we expose them to.












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Somehow we have decided that this is one those things we just have to deal with; kind of like the fact that earbuds tangle, nylons tear, and there is a Monday in every single week! But actually, there is a way you can treat hair damage and dry skin before it ever occurs... by tackling the problem at the source. Literally, at the water source. When you shower with vitamin c shower filters, the vitamin c neutralizes the chlorine and leaves you with the soft water that your hair and skin deserve. Vitaclean shower heads have your back... and your front... basically, we’ve got you covered.


Hydrated skin and healthy hair are the truest of body goals we can all get on board with. Because while pretty much everything else is up for discussion, every person in the room notices when “that” girl with the shiny hair and the perfect skin walks in. The unique filters developed by Vitaclean HQ are loaded with Vitamin C and essentials oils, AKA,  the magic we all need in our lives. Essentials oils can relax you, elevate your mood or wake you up. But wait, there’s more; they smell heavenly too! The only risk? Your friends may start asking to use your shower because the Vitaclean shower head FOMO is SO real! #treatyourself