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A very special innovation is the shower head with the various ampoules of "Vitaclean". The shower head contains antibacterial ceramic balls and a microfiber sponge, which keeps out bacteria, limescale and dirt that builds up in the pipes. A great idea and definitely something new on the market. In the shower head you can then use the fragrance cartridges that have an aromatherapy effect. The scents contribute to the relaxation and should reduce the stress level! (Perfect after a long and exhausting day - our favorite fragrance is "Citrus"). The "Citrus" rod also contains Vitamin C, which makes the hair shine and the skin to radiate. In addition, it saves by the way up to 25%! on water due to the pressure optimization of the shower head!

girl wearing bathrobe

CONCLUSION: We are thrilled and now look forward to our innovative shower experience every evening.