The answer to acne: An interview with a Vitaclean convert

The answer to acne: An interview with a Vitaclean convert

When Charlotte relocated from Australia to London, it didn’t take long for the city’s hard water to have an affect on her skin and hair.

An estimated 13 million homes in the UK are supplied with hard water – you only have to look inside your kettle to see the limescale build up. Not only does this taste less than pleasant, it also dries out your skin and weakens your hair – sometimes having unpleasant side effects, like it did for Charlotte.

Exasperated, Charlotte turned to Vitaclean for help. The results? Well, we’ll let her speak for herself…

When did you begin to notice the effect hard water damage had on your skin?

I was in London for about six months when my skin just fell apart! I started to get acne on my face. I wouldn’t necessarily say it was the water that caused it, but it definitely made it worse.

If I had some acne that was beginning to heal, I would end up with quite red sores after washing my face with tap water. Sometimes it would even bleed. That was when I was living in North London where the water is noticeably harsher.

Did it affect your hair?

Definitely! My hair became thinner, more brittle and it actually started falling out. I had a lot of problems with hair loss – it was obviously quite traumatic.

How did you work out it was the water?

Purely by the fact that it was an instant response. I eventually resorted to washing my face with bottled water. My skin did improve slightly, which showed me just how bad an affect the tap water had on my skin.

It wasn’t a manageable solution because naturally, when you’re in the shower, water gets on your face. Plus, buying bottled water was expensive, not to mention bad for the environment.

Did you notice a change after using a Vitaclean showerhead?

Immediately! My skin was more hydrated when I washed it – it was like being back in Australia. You actually feel hydrated by the water. My acne is clearing up and my hair has stopped falling out – it’s not brittle anymore.

And what does your husband think of it?

He loves it. He was a sceptic at first because I am one of those people who likes to indulge in a fad every now and then but he was quickly converted. He’s lived in London his whole life and he said straight away that he could tell the water wasn’t hard anymore and that his skin felt great – he loved the smell too!

If, like Charlotte, you’re suffering from dry skin and poor hair condition, the unsuspected culprit could be your tap water. You’re certainly not alone. Using a filtered shower head is an efficient, cost-effective way to reduce the damaging effects of hard water.

A Vitaclean shower head doesn’t just soften your water, it gives it a boost of Vitamin E too. Plus, our essential oil capsules create a spa-like aroma in your bathroom! Choose your scent and reap the rewards.