Sauvage X Vitaclean

Recently at Vitaclean we’ve been lucky enough to collaborate with some exciting businesses we believe in - and we want to share them with you! Earlier this year, we collaborated with the wonderful Sauvage Swimwear, a Southern California based swimwear brand with both women’s and men’s lines. Sauvage is family-owned business who design, test, and manufacture all of their pieces right on site in their San Diego facility.


Sauvage kindly provided us with several of their beautiful swimsuits so we could shoot our promotional photoshoot with photographer Matt Plutz in the beautiful Feana Hotel in Miami.


girl in bathtub

As a small business, we try to find other businesses to collaborate with because it helps us to introduce you to new brands and also promote ourselves in their unique network.

girl sitting on bathtub


We have some more exciting collabs coming up in the next few days so stay tuned to make sure you don’t miss any of them! The best place to follow these and other brand news is of course our social media. If you aren’t following us, you’re missing out! Come follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see who we have chosen to collaborate with now and get the exclusive deals we’ve scored for you!

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girl on bath tub