House of Spring X VHQ

House of Spring X VHQ

We recently collaborated with House of Spring, a women shoe brand inspired by the Parisian look. Radiha, founder of the brand is an inspirational entrepreneur who is extremely passionate about her business!

Read her Q&A below:



I am Radhia and I am the founder of House of Spring


Tell us about HOS?

House of Spring is a women shoe brand inspired by the Parisian look. Our values are: Look effortlessly chic all day long with House of Spring shoes. Designed to be worn in the street and the office. As comfortable as slippers.


Was there a defining moment that drove you to begin building House of Spring?

I am passionate about shoes.

I wanted to start my footwear business after I graduated from university in 2008. However, after some further thought, I decided that I should get experience working in the fashion industry first. I worked as a fashion buyer in Paris for 6 years and this experience helped me to understand the fashion business and gave me the courage to start my shoe business.

I moved to London 3 years ago for love and decided that it was time to start House of Spring


How would you define craftsmanship? 

Just in 3 word: Made With Love.

Like our shoes: )



Why is having a well made shoe important?  

Well made shoes means quality, best material and handcraft.

Without those essentials, your shoes won’t be comfortable and won’t last.


The biggest challenge I have faced being a female entrepreneur was:

It’s not challenging to be a female entrepreneur. It’s an asset!  


How do you find inspiration?

I love having a coffee in a terrasse in Paris and watch the Parisian.

Her look, attitude, way of a real inspiration for me.

Tell us two interesting facts about shoe making?

Our workshop needs 19 steps to make House of Spring shoes from choosing the material, cutting, stitching...and put the shoes in our shoe box. All made with love!


What is the last book you read that you’d recommend?

#Girlboss by Sophia Amoruson


Best Selling shoe?

We all have our eyes on Gigi brogues ;)




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