If, like us, you’ve been on the ‘the holidays are miles away’ mentality, there’s still time to make your list, check it twice and deliver smiles this holiday season.

These last-minute gifts have already made the nice list (just read the raving reviews) so you can too.

For the main event…

For that friend, partner or parent who’s been there for you all year, give them the gift of soft skin and beautiful hair with a wall-mount vitamin C shower head. The unique triple filtration system softens water, neutralizes chlorine and removes any particles accumulated in pipes to make their morning shower a moment of bliss.

Fans say:

I have to say, this new shower head is a game changer… you come out feeling cleaner, relaxed and with supple skin! I basically recommend it to EVERYONE.’ Seema P *****

For that friend who has it all…

Impress them with something they haven’t got; our coconut and vanilla filter is loved by all. Enriched with vitamin C, it leaves skin supple and the gentle aroma creates a spa-like experience – it’s perfectly paired with our pretty pink handheld .

Fans say:

I couldn’t think of a better Christmas gift for those looking to improve their skin and hair…’ Michaela *****

For your yoga partner…

Turn their post-workout shower into a spirit-lifting pamper session with our handheld  and citrus shower filter. It reinvigorates and refreshes with the zesty scent of orange and other fruits (all whilst moisturizing dry skin).

Fans say:

This shower head and  filter  better than your morning coffee hit. The wake-up effect is soft, sensuous, vitalizing, refreshing yet subtle…it leaves skin glowing like Robert Pattison in Twilight.’ Damien *****

For that person who’s always on the go…

With our blue patterned wall-mounted shower head and lavender  your mum’s five-minute shower becomes five minutes of self-care, as her bathroom is enveloped in the stress-relieving scent. Plus, lavender is packed with antioxidants that help itchy skin, aid a dry scalp and improve hair condition.

Fans say:

It feels like an angel mist is cleaning your body and the aroma fills your flat… I’m obsessed!’ Sabrina K *****

For the sun worshipper…

Gift them a year-round golden glow. Our Golden Shimmer Coffee Scrub combines coffee and Dead Sea salt to exfoliate and detoxify skin while coconut oil nourishes. Naturally occurring Mica leaves behind a sun-kissed shimmer too – yes, even in January.

Fans say:

This scrub is the most amazing product I’ve recently discovered. It gives your skin the most amazing glow and it’s fully organic!’ Maria V *****

For the flower lover…

Back away from the bouquet and give your sister our Jasmine shower filter. It’s the gift that will keep giving throughout January along with a stylish blue shower head. Plus, the light aroma will transport her to the gardens of Asia the second she steps in the shower.

Fans say:

Alas, I’m saved by the powers of Jasmine… My skin & hair are back to being hydrated, shiny & soft x’ Gina V. *****

For the globetrotter (or business tripper)…

Did you know our hand-held shower head is easy to travel with? It’s simple to fit and comes in a handy plastic pouch to keep your luggage dry too. Now they can pamper themselves anywhere in the world.

Fans say:

I’m so happy with my shower head, the water pressure is much better and it smells amazing.’ Dara H *****

For the one who just wants socks …

Spa-like showers or socks? We know which we’d prefer. Our filter pack for the Vitaclean handheld  includes four of our best-loved scents, all enriched with essential oils to encourage plump skin and glossy hair.

Fans say:

My hair is now strong, thick and radiant, not to mention that feeling of showering in a fragrant rainforest. Loving it!’ Erela, *****

For holiday season delivery, tick off your list by Wednesday 19th.