Winter Skin Care Tips

8 Steps to Winter Skin Success

The weather outside might be frightful, but that doesn’t mean your look has to suffer. Glowing winter skin is a thing, we promise. Here’s how to achieve it, or gift it – because who wouldn’t want the secret to beautiful hair and soft skin sitting under the tree this Christmas?

1. Moisturise

When the temperature drops, so does the water content of our skin. Enhancing your moisturising routine can stop dryness and flaking. This doesn’t have to mean slathering on heavy creams – which can, in fact, clog pores – try a vitamin shower head instead.

Our shower head filters use essential oils that work their magic while you wash. Not only do they benefit dry skin, they create a calming aroma too. Thinking of that friend who’s always on the go? Gift them a soothing lavender filter to reduce stress.

2. Wash with soft water

Because of the lack of humidity during winter months, hair condition can deteriorate. Add hard water damage to this and you’re left with dull, dry hair. Luckily, our shower heads have a unique Vitamin C filter that softens water, helping alleviate dandruff and aiding a healthy shine. If gifting glossy hair won’t earn you a spot on the nice list, we don’t know what will... 

3. Reduce the heat

Applying direct heat to wet hair can cause split ends, a dry scalp and even hair loss. One small step to avoid this is simply to wait until hair is 50% dry before getting out the blow dryer. Even better, go au natural and skip the heat altogether.

4. Exercise

It’s tempting to dive into hibernation mode when the nights draw in, but a little exercise can keep you feeling and looking good. Getting active releases endorphins, which alleviate symptoms of SAD, and removes toxins, leaving you glowing.

Plus, you can treat your gym partner (or yourself) to a post-workout aromatherapy shower. Our invigorating citrus filter is a gift that will keep on giving throughout rainy January.

5. Stay hydrated

Our bodies are 60% water, so there’s no wonder being dehydrated affects our health and our minds. You might subconsciously drink less during the winter months, but making sure you sip 6-8 glasses a day can keep skin healthy – and your brain engaged.

Water is the cheapest anti-ageing product you can get hold of; it removes toxins, keeping fine lines at bay. Plus, drinking your fair share has been linked to helping disorders like eczema and psoriasis.

6. Monitor water temperature

After a chilly walk home from the station or bus stop, a hot shower might be the first thing on your mind. Hot water actually strips away natural oils, leaving skin dehydrated. Try running the tap to a comfortable lukewarm temperature instead and keep showers between 5-10 minutes long.

If you have a friend who likes it hot, treat them to our coconut and vanilla filter. Enriched with essential oils, it’ll turn their shower into a spa experience – making up for the dip in temperature.

7. Exfoliate

Our skin cells are constantly dying, but that’s no bad thing. In fact, they’re making way for new, healthy ones. It’s important to scrub away old cells to avoid skin becoming dull.

Tick your sun-worshipping friend off your list with our Golden Shimmer Coffee Scrub. The combination of sea salt and coffee detoxifies and invigorates, while naturally occurring Mica leaves behind a golden shimmer. Exactly what’s needed when that beach holiday is still months away.

8. Get your vitamins

Getting your daily dose of Vitamin C can help support your body both inside and out. Incorporate leafy greens and citrus fruits into your lunch or dinner to support your immune system and let our shower heads do the rest.

The special Vitamin C filter helps skin stay plump and luminous all winter long. Plus, they come in a choice of prints sure to satisfy the style conscious on your Christmas gifting list.