Vitaclean Vitamin C Filtered Shower Head

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I’ve been really looking forward to writing my review of Vitaclean Vitamin C Filtered Shower Head because it’s just such an amazingly good product. I’ve given it a couple of weeks of use – my household is divided though: my daughter and I love it but my son and Mr BBB are less keen.

vitaclean hq filtered shower heads

I live in a hard water area which isn’t great for skin or hair. I’ve got used to it and only ever notice when I go to a soft water area and end up with a giant foam head because I forget that you need considerably less shampoo! The biggest difference I’ve seen with the Vitaclean Vitamin C Filtered Shower Head is with my hair – indisputably softer and more manageable since I’ve been using it. My daughter has the best hair she’s ever had (her words!). The filter neutralizes chlorine and gets rid of limescale which makes a huge difference. It works using essential oils (expect a very lovely – if slightly sweet – burst of orange fragrance every time you get in), dextrin, pectin and Vitamin C. The filter sits in the body of the handle where water dissolves the wax formula releasing the filters. The headpiece contains a cloth filter and anti-bacterial ceramic balls.

Compared to my old shower head, the flow is different – it’s more misty than deluge – which is also water saving. This is the bit that Mr BBB and Max don’t like – they perfer the deluge, and they’re also complaining that their hair is floppy. However, we all have skin conditions one way and another in this family and while I haven’t seen any effect on these yet, it is a claim that Vitaclean make, as well as reducing dandruff.

This is the shower filter – it just slots into the handle – this one is citrus (which comes with the head) but you can also get Coconut and Vanilla, Eucalyptus and Lavender variants. The downside is that it needs replacing monthly – they’re £9.99 each – but because I’ve seen a difference in my hair, and I love the aroma-mist aspect, I’m definitely going to keep going with this. The initial kit is £59 (including a citrus filter). This is a daily use thing that has made a tangible difference and I’m so pleased I came across it. Vitaclean is HERE.