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Vitaclean Founders Sara and Kristina

sara and kristina
Two girls with a love for beauty and wellness are helping consumers rethink their daily shower by sharing information on shower water quality, and raising awareness on the importance of water conservation. Vitaclean is a lifestyle product with a sustainability twist. A Vitaclean is a shower head with three levels of filtration for instant soft hair and skin. The bathroom essential has scented, refillable Vitamin C capsules that consumers replace each month.

Their Backstory

Sara (Australian and Icelandic) and Kristina (Bulgarian) met while working for fashion content powerhouse INDIGITAL GROUP in London when the concept of Vitaclean was born. The pair began discussing the effect hard water (particularly in London) has on hair and skin. After scouring the internet researching water softening systems, they came to the conclusion that most were expensive, hard to install and cumbersome. They both agreed that there had to be a better, easier solution… and there was! A simple, relatively portable, filtered shower head. 

Problem and Solution

Sara and Kristina wish to promote wellness, sustainability, female empowerment and entrepreneurship through Vitaclean. “When was the last time you thought about your shower head?” That is what the pair asked themselves after realizing the difference in water quality in different cities and countries. The shower head is just as important as any cosmetics product and Sara and Kristina aim to spread awareness on how important it really is! “We aim to disrupt the shower head industry in the same way that Caspar and Eve Mattress have done for the Mattress industry. We want to take an everyday product and make it really cool and a lifestyle movement people want to be a part of.” (Sara)

Embracing Social Goals

To give back and reinforce their sustainability goals, the brand has been partnered with Drop4Drop since inception in March 2017 and are working together to develop a clean water project in areas with no access to clean water. Vitaclean is also releasing a Shimmer, Coffee Coconut scrub in partnership with Solyna, a foundation that fights against human trafficking in Cambodia. VitacleanXSolyna aim to spread the message to stop human trafficking through ‘Daring people to GLOW’ on social media by sharing their shimmer and support. “So many companies use these methods to increase sales and brand value. We want influencers and customers to really feel like they are a part of our brand and that they are also helping make a change.” (Kristina)