Bad Water Quality in Liverpool Causing Health Problems

Vitaclean featured in Unlock Liverpool, written by HAZEL MILLER |

Is the tap water in Liverpool causing health problems? Is bad water quality in Merseyside linked to hair loss and health conditions?

Understanding Liverpool’s water quality.

You’re here because you suspect something is wrong with the water in Liverpool, so why is the water quality so poor?

Keep reading to find out!

We’re all too familiar with the effects hair products and heat can have on our hair, but what happens when for some unknown reason your hair begins to fall out and lose the life it once had?

Depending on where you live your hair can become significantly damaged from the water supply. Whilst you’re showering and bathing in water, you’re actually allowing chemicals in the water to fall onto your skin and hair, stripping your hair of its natural oils. This could be the reason behind your sudden hair loss.

So, why does this happen?

Hard water in Liverpool

The water in Liverpool has active ingredients called sodium fluoride and chlorine running through its system, this is something called hard water.

What is hard water you may ask?

Hard water has high mineral content, which is a common culprit in the fight against dry and damaged hair. The water in Liverpool has high levels of magnesium, iron, and calcium. When all these minerals enter your water supply, they begin to harden which in turn means the shampoos and conditioners you use can’t lather properly. Leaving your hair dry and damaged.

Now you know what’s lurking in your water system, you want to know what you can do to solve the problem and get your hair back to its normal healthy self.

So, what can you do to regain your luscious locks?vitaclean showerhead


You may have come across this product before, or you may not have, but what’s important is what it can do to improve the health of your hair.

As you know, the water you use can have a massive impact on your hair’s health, which in turn can play havoc on your mood and decrease the quality of your day. It’s important to take a look at products that can help to reduce the effects of the chemicals in the water on your hair.

So, what is the Vitaclean showerhead?

The Vitaclean showerhead uses a unique filtering system that not only softens your hair but your skin too! The showerhead simply attaches to the end of your shower and also includes a Vitamin c shot that helps boost your hair!

It dramatically changes the quality of the water you use by eliminating all chemicals in the water through the filtering pipe, whilst also removing rust and dirt, which in turn revitalizes your hair.