We live in a time when being eco-friendly is not only seen as the responsible thing to be but it also helps create a better world for everyone, present, and future, but our world needs to realize how much water we are consuming.

One of the main problems many people struggle to keep on top of is water conservation and preventing excessive waste. It can be difficult, especially when modern living features luxurious showers such as rain showers, power showers, and multi-level jet showers. Sure, it may be nice to be washed down from every conceivable angle, but do you realize just how much water you waste with these? A normal 8-minute shower will use approximately 62 liters of water and this can quickly rise to 132 liters if using a power shower, that is more than double a standard shower head uses.

Showers used to be the economical choice when compared to baths, but with the advent of warmer and much more luxurious bathrooms people are now showering for 2 to 3 times as long and using the equivalent amount of water as 2 full bathtubs.

This becomes more of a concern as the water we bathe in is treated to be drinkable. 132 liters of water could provide an adult in drought-ridden Africa drinking water for 16 days, and this is what is being washed down the plughole in an 8-minute power shower. When you realize just how wasteful these types of units are, it makes you wonder how you can reduce your water consumption when bathing.

Luckily, there are some great shower head designs that can help. Vitaclean shower head conserves up to 25% of water on every shower. Low flow showers also help save on water by forcing a lower amount of water through specially designed tubes to create pressure and the effect of a power shower. These also use an estimated 41 liters per 8-minute shower. These are just some of the long-term environment benefits of a shower head that conserves water. Our water is not limitless and we all need to play a part in making sure there is enough for everyone and everything in this world.