Welcoming Wellness: Six Steps to Self-Care

Self care is something we should all strive for, but, between 9-to-5, social commitments and life admin, it can be hard to find the time. Here are six simple ways you can incorporate some self care into your life, boost your mental health and wake up feeling a little more positive.

Set a routine… and stick to it

Balance is key so split your routine between ‘should’ dos and ‘want to’ dos. Whether it’s setting an alarm for the gym twice a week or meal planning and prepping in advance for the week ahead.

It could even be setting yourself up for the day with an indulgent morning shower.

Our original citrus shower filter gives you a buzz if you struggle getting out of bed in the morning. Thanks to the Vitamin C and essential oil content, it’ll help improve dry skin and hair condition too.

girl with towel

Take five (or 30)

Set your phone aside, or switch it onto airplane mode, and take a breather. Try mediation, there are tons of apps out there that can help you find the Zen zone. If you’d prefer to go for it alone, simply find a quiet space and focus on your breathing, undisturbed by distractions.

Try meditating in the shower for a completely calming experience. Splashing water makes our body think we’re about to swim underwater, causing our heart rate to drop. This can make you feel instantly relaxed and relieve feelings of anxiety. Plus, our shower filters include stress-reducing scents like rose.

Make time for bed

It might sound simple but getting between seven and nine hours of sleep per night really does benefit our mental health. Our brains use sleep as a time to organise memory and get rid of toxins, so, getting enough shut eye is a simple step towards self care.

Struggling to drop off? Lavender can help soothe tensions (and it’s much more fun than counting sheep). Try a before-bed shower with our lavender shower filter. Let the scented mist envelope and relax you before you pamper yourself with your favourite moisturiser and sink into bed.

Stay social

Sorry, Facebook doesn’t count! Make plans to see that friend you’ve been meaning to reconnect with for forever. Book in a coffee or cocktail meet and have a giggle – laughing releases endorphins, which in turn make us feel great. What’s not to love?

Treat yourself

Ever heard of the Danish term ‘Hygge’? Well, it’s quite literally doing what will make you feel cosy and content. So, get home, run a warm bath and treat yourself to a long soak. Elevate the experience with a spot of pampering. Our Golden Shimmer Coffee Scrub exfoliates your skin and leaves behind a sun-kissed glow that will have you feeling holiday-happy (even when you’re snug at home).

Stay active

After a day at work, the gym might be the last thing on your mind. But, just like smiling, exercising releases endorphins, which give us a mood boost. Working out doesn’t have to be a long slog in the gym, a low-impact yoga class or brisk walk in the park is enough to get your heart pumping.

We’re true believers that hard work should pay off, so, after your workout, indulge with a shower using our invigorating lemon and mango filter. The tropical scent is sure to give your mind a lift and it’s enriched with essential oils to prevent dry skin and hair.