Vitaclean Kids

That's right, kids love Vitaclean shower heads too!
Children can get easily overwhelmed by conventional showers; the noise, the chlorine smell and the strong spray are not ideal. This is why the soft and quiet spa-like stream is a much needed change, especially for young children.
Add all of our delicious smells from our scented filters and those kids won’t shower with any other shower head ever again!
kid bathing with handheld shower head

But perhaps even more importantly, it is our job to protect children and their well-being; Kids’ sensitive skin is no match for harsh unfiltered water.

Baths strip the body of natural oils, leaving the skin dry and unprotected and kids are even more at risk for irritated skin.


Vitaclean shower heads protect their skin effectively before they have built up enough natural defenses. 

kid installing shower head

 Know any moms or moms-to-be? There's no better gift then the one they didn’t even know they needed.

We especially recommend our kid-favorites: the delectably sweet Coconut Vanilla filter & the refreshingly tropical Lemon Mango filter. 

boy with vitaclean shower kit

Now, on to solving you next problem… getting the little ones out of the shower 😉