Time for a detox? How to get rid of metals from your hair

wet hair

Say goodbye to harmful metals…

Did you know that when you wash your hair in unfiltered water you’re exposing it to excess metals?

Unfiltered water is filled with nasties like iron and copper, which can be harmful to your hair. They cause dryness and damage, leading to split ends and an overall dull appearance.

Metals can also affect your colouring process. When you shower, the follicles in your hair open, absorbing these minerals and causing your colour to quickly fade, go brassy or change altogether.

What’s more, washing in unfiltered water can make it hard for your colourist to get the desired shade. Mineral build up on your hair fibre can stop dye taking effect, causing the end result to be, well, not what you signed up for...
How can you beat the metals?

It’s simple – wash your hair in filtered water. A filtered showerhead removes minerals from your shower water, preventing damage from metals. The Vitaclean showerhead also infuses your water with essential oils and Vitamin C, giving you a gorgeous shine with every wash.

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