The best kept secret to fix your dry skin and dry hair

The best kept secret to fix your dry skin and dry hair 

In recent years, it has been noticed that people who live in cities with hard water have cases of dry hair and skin. Unnoticed by a wide majority is the fact that moving into new cities, traveling or migration to a new location, can cause rapid change to our skins and hair when the water is changed –the difference is noticed, but the causative agent is unknown.

A research carried out by Dr. Genesis Gross, a dermatologist shows that many healthy skin cells are damaged from time to time by the impurities in hard water such as iron and magnesium.  

Several other studies have been carried out in order to find a solution. Our findings led to a vitamin C shower head which has been proven countless times to purify water and ensure water hardness is eliminated.

Here are some of the reasons why Vitaclean shower head filter is a must for every home:

  • Using our Vitamin C shower can help relieve symptoms of dry hair and skin

Our vitamin C shower heads have been used and loved by a large number of people and brands (Vogue, Grazia, and Harper’s Bazzar) and have helped greatly in ensuring a stress-free bath, free from hardness, chlorine free, with an awesome aromatherapy from the comfort of your bathroom. With our vitamin C shower heads, your skin becomes less dry and your hair becomes more smooth. Our product pack includes a handheld filtered shower head, along with a Vitamin C and Essential Oils citrus capsule, anti-bacterial ceramic balls and a microfiber cloth. The capsules come in different scents and need replacement about every four weeks.

  • How our Vitamin C shower works

Our triple filtration system is a heaven-sent combo straight from the universe. Vitaclean shower head filtration system ensures water purity and chlorine is naturally neutralized in the water via the vitamin C filter. Hard water leaves residues that clogs your pores and pipes –our anti-bacterial ceramic balls prevent bacterial build up and the microfiber cloth captures pipe rust and residual particles. You can be rest assured of an amazing shower time.

  • It gets even better

In majority of filters, all it does is just to purify the water and that is about all. Well, our shower heads just got more amazing as our filters have essential oils inside which create an awesome aromatherapy just like you get in the spa. With our shower heads you can have the spa-like aromatherapy in the comfort of your own bathroom.

  • The resultant effects are almost immediate

You don’t need to wait for long months or extended duration before you see the effects of our shower heads. The effects are almost immediate. You will get softer hair, lots of glow and shine on your skin, and less flaky skin.

Vitaclean shower head filter is simply the best shower head filter you can get as it encompasses all your water needs in one bath –great aromatherapy, glowing skin and softer hair with chlorine and other impurities eliminated.