Here are 5 female-owned brands you’ll love!

Vitaclean is a female-founded and led brand with one mission:

To give everyone the option of clean, filtered water and enhance their quality of life through better showers.

There are millions of women working towards and achieving their goals every day, and we're celebrating them for being our inspiration and the trailblazers to reach a gender-equal future.

We’re commemorating women entrepreneurs by highlighting some of our favorite brands:


ariana ferwerda, karelle golda, and kiley mckinnon

This sustainable ski wear brand for the modern woman was founded by Ariana Ferwerda, Karelle Golda, and Kiley McKinnon. Their goal was to create inclusive brand products that were fashion-forward and functional. Their products are truly for everyone, from one-run-and-done skiers to Olympians.



danielle gronich & kayleigh christina

Anti-acne products destroy your skin barrier and accelerate aging, while anti-aging products are filled with pore-clogging ingredients and toxins that cause breakouts. That’s why we created CLEARSTEM skincare. The very first anti-aging + anti-acne + non-toxic skincare line.



mackie swan

Mackie Swan is a strategic business leader, brand builder, and champion of women’s sexual wellness. Woo more play is a sexual wellness brand focusing on natural, organic ingredients and female-forward products to spark a better sex life. 


Nada sole

danielle and nas

Cofounders Danielle and Nas are two long-time friends and fashion industry professionals who joined forces to share their passion and vision with the world, a sustainable hybrid swim and activewear brand.