Coffee scrubs: what’s the hype and how do they help?

Coffee scrubs: what’s the hype and how do they help?

Okay, your morning routine probably already includes a cup (or two) of the strong stuff, but did you know that taking your caffeine hit in the shower has serious beauty benefits?

From helping to reduce the appearance of cellulite to leaving your skin glowing, here’s how you could benefit from adding a coffee scrub to your shower routine.


1. Exfoliation, exfoliation, exfoliation

    If you’re skin is looking dull, make this your mantra. Coffee granules are coarse yet gentle, helping to remove dead skin cells and buff skin. Shaking off dead flakes is essential to achieving soft skin and a healthy glow. We’ve added coconut oil to the mix of our Golden Shimmer Coffee Scrub for a moisture boost (and a divine smell).

    2. Hello, antioxidants

    You don’t need telling these are good for you. They help to fight free radicals, reducing signs of ageing and keeping your skin in top shape. Our scrub also uses dead sea salt, which is rich in 21 minerals. These are absorbed through scrubbing to detoxify and cleanse your body.

    3. Goodbye, cellulite

    Caffeine has long been seen as a cure for cellulite. It has been proven to aid the breakdown of fatty cells – these can be seen protruding through skin layers, causing the bumpy texture. Using a coffee scrub regularly can help to energise skin and drastically reduce the appearance of cellulite.

    4. It’s SO good for circulation

    Scrubbing your skin is a mini massage in itself. The motion helps to get your blood flowing – this can be especially good for problem areas such as the backs of your thighs. Increased blood flow has also been linked to reducing cellulite, plus caffeine stimulates the skin, leaving it fresh and glowing. Even better, our blend uses sugar, which aids in the drainage of lymph nodes.

    5. UV damaged skin is restored

    Those antioxidants are still at work. Sun spots, pigmentation – you name it, a coffee scrub helps to increase cell turnover, which in turn helps to fade and eventually get rid of damaged skin. Follow up your scrub with a rich moisturizer.

    6. It can help inflammation and reduce rosacea

    Yes, we will mention antioxidants again (they’re just that good). These combined with the energizing properties of caffeine help to soothe inflamed skin. As well as this, coffee restricts blood vessels, helping to keep redness away from the skin's surface, which can help to reduce rosacea.

    7. Glow, glow, glow

    Missing your holiday kissed glow? A coffee scrub is a quick, easy and affordable way to keep your skin looking beach-ready 365 days a year. The combination of exfoliating and energizing keeps your skin at its best, plus, we’ve added naturally occurring Mika in ours. This leaves a subtle tan on your skin after use.

    But, how do you incorporate a scrub into your routine?

    To get rid of dead cells, perk up dull skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite or UV damage, a coffee scrub should be used 2-3 times per week. Step into a warm shower and lightly brush the scrub over your skin in circular motions. After rinsing off and toweling dry, replenish with your favourite moisturizer. Then, simply enjoy your natural glow!