Calling all our brilliant blondes!

Here’s how hard water could ruin your hair shine.

Keeping that lustrous shine is no easy feat. If you’ve noticed your blonde hair is becoming dull, faded or brittle, the culprit could be in your shower…
colored hair girl

As water passes through pipes to your shower, it picks up minerals. These are positively charged and majorly attracted to your negatively charged hair. 

What do they do?

They leave behind a film, making your locks brittle and prone to damage.

Unfortunately, blondes have it the worst. As blonde hair is more porous, it’s more at risk of damage by hard water.

Coloured hair isn’t any safer, copper and iron in hard water can turn your platinum shade dull and discoloured.

So, what’s the answer? Showering in filtered water. This removes the ‘nasties’ from your water, helping your blonde hue stay brilliant wash after wash. Phew.