On average, men tend to shower more in a given week than women. For at least some women, the routine comes down approximately 3-5 times a week. Nonetheless, it is important to note that the majority prefers at least one shower a day.

You can thank/blame that on modern advertising. It was only over the last handful of generations that companies began to aggressively push the notion of showering daily, rather than bathing once or twice a week. The end result is a routine that has many of us showering in the morning, at night, or even at both of those points.

What’s the problem with that? A lot of people don’t realize this, but chlorine tends to be pretty prevalent in the water we use to shower each day. And even when we understand this, we tend to forget that we’re not just talking about drinking water. In the same way you can use a water filter to produce clean drinking water, Vitaclean  filtered shower head. The result is showering with vitamin C filtered water and experience aromatherapy through the release of essential oils. This can dramatically offset the damage caused by hard water and chlorine.

The Benefits of Vitamin C in Water

The presence of chlorine in the water can be highly problematic on a number of levels. Hard, chlorinated water can lessen the moisture in your skin and hair. This can lead to skin that can become dried-out and uncomfortable, not to mention weathered-looking. The same can said of your hair. Imagine the number of showers you take each day. Now think about the number of showers you take in a given week. Try to figure out how many showers you take each month. Finally, try to come up with an idea of how many showers you take in a single year.

The number is likely to surprise you. Every single time you use the shower, you’re potentially causing damage to your skin and hair.

Vitaclean  filtered shower head works to offset that damage. When it comes to something that can truly neutralize chlorine on a comprehensive level, leaving you with fresh, moisturized hair and skin, Vitamin C can prove to be something of a miracle worker. Furthermore, Vitaclean filtered shower head also has the ability to conserve water, create aromatherapy, remove limescale, and provide relief for dry skin, dandruff and brittle hair.

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