Yahoo! Lifestyle: How a shower filter will keep your hair colour for longer

How a shower filter will keep your hair colour for longer

Read full article here | September, 2018

Getting under the shower to wash your hair doesn’t require much thinking – get your hair wet, shampoo, condition and repeat if preferred.

However, have you ever stopped to wonder if the water bursting out of your taps is actually doing your hair any good?

We spoke to Sara and Kristina, the founders of Vitaclean, to find out why we should be rethinking our daily shower.

"Hard water and chlorine can be extremely damaging to your skin and hair,” Kristina told us. “Dealing with dry scalp, dry, patchy, flaky skin and stiff unmanageable hair is extremely frustrating. Sara and I found an easy to implement solution to a universal problem. Vitaclean is for everyone: whether you want to find an easy and effective solution to your dry skin and hair problems, or simply spend less on products against these issue and upgrade your shower experience."

Vitaclean offers special shower heads which can hold capsules made up of vitamin C and essential oils. The filters last for four weeks and removes roughly 98 per cent of residual chlorine from your shower water.

"We would all balk at the idea of washing our skin with something that accelerates its ageing process but that’s exactly what we’re doing by showering, bathing and washing our faces in the water that runs from our taps," Sara said.

Alternatively, try Rymerce’s Ionic Shower Head 3 Function contains bioactive mineral balls to help purify the water and remove chlorine, while the negative ion filter helps to reduce the damage on your skin and hair due to impurities.