Vitamin sea

Cleopatra bathed in milk, Marilyn Monroe preferred champagne, and now you can shower in vitamin C. True story. Thanks to Sara Douglas or Kristina Velkova — creators of Vitaclean HQ’s revolutionary new Vitamin C-filtered shower head — the simple act of standing under running water is now available with added beauty benefits. Designed to be particularly effective in hard water areas like the capital, which can be the hidden culprit behind dull hair and dry skin, the shower head — which contains a brightly coloured essential-oil cartridge that looks a bit like a freeze pop — claims to neutralise 98 per cent of chlorine residue and remove limescale which, in turn, helps to quench thirsty skin and leave your locks soft and shiny. You can choose between four aromatherapy scents — Lavender, citrus, eucalyptus and coconut-vanilla — which last for four weeks. What’s more, it also boosts water pressure by three to six times to create a spa-like mist in your bathroom, while reducing water consumption by 25 per cent. Marilyn would approve.

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