Read the full article Instyle UK written by Madeleine Spencer | 11 May 2017

If someone asked you to name the ten beauty products you couldn’t live without, what would make the cut? Shampoo? Probably. Moisturiser? I’d imagine so. Tweezers? Sure. But Korean fringe holders or a magical muscle-soothing rollerball? Not so much. But much like liquid lipstick or tubing mascara, once you’ve made friends with a niche product that does a job like no other, you’ll never want - no, you’ll never be able - to be without it. Here are seven we’re obsessed with:

1. Korean Fringe Stabiliser 

This one is the answer to that awkward hair falling in the sink as you wash your face dilemma - just slip them into the front of your hair to hold any errant strands back without leaving a kink.

2. Vitaclean Vitamin C Filtered Shower Head 

Ever realised on holiday that your hair and skin are softer and healthier thanks to the better quality water outside of London? Well, this shower head attachment may be the answer to replicating that; the Vitamin C capsule in the handle neutralises chlorine and helps to fortify skin, while the shower head itself heightens the water pressure, which means you will use less water - and save more pennies - during your shower.

vitaclean vitamin c filtered shower head

3. This Works In Transit Muscle Therapy 

When you’ve carried a heavy bag, pulled a muscle at the gym, have been travelling and feel creaky, this is the solution. The rollerball offers a firm and delightful massage to the effected muscles, while the marjoram, black pepper and clove relax, comfort and release tension further.

4. Sarah Chapman Facialift 

If you suffer from a puffy face after too little sleep/too much wine, buy this immediately. The strong rollerball action helps to drain excess fluid and sharpen up a jawline when used daily. That bit is crucial - this is not a one stop shop (though on first use it will up your glow by helping circulation along). Use it daily on cleansed skin and you’ll see results.

5. My Kit Co My Mini ‘On Point’ Buds 

Cotton buds have their beauty uses. They can be used to smudge eyeliner and, when dipped in a lip balm and rolled over lips, make for brilliant lip-softeners. They fall down, however, when tidying up an errant angle on eyeliner because they’re too big, and the cotton is too loosely packed. Enter these tiny versions, which will make neatening up a cat’s flick an absolute doddle.

6. Aquis Towel

Whatever your hair type or length, you need one of these in your life. Super-absorbent and lightweight to prevent it from pulling at your hair’s roots when it's wrapped up, this towel cuts drying time, and in turn prevents damage caused by excessive heat styling.

7. Inhibitif Deodorant 

Until recently, deodorant was a one trick pony: it stopped bacteria from forming and sweat from becoming pungent. Thanks to Deciem’s pioneering efforts, deodorant now goes a step further, helping to reduce ingrown hairs and slow the growth of fresh ones. Genius.