I tried a Vitamin C shower head and it changed my life

It even cuts down water usage by 25%

Heatworld features Vitaclean written by AIMEE JAKES April 2020

Shower gels, hair masks and scrubs. Like most people, I spend a lot of time thinking about the products I used inside my shower and little thought about the actual shower itself.

The only criteria I had was if 1) water was coming out 2) the water was hot enough to almost scald my skin.

I then came across the Vitaclean Vitamin C shower head and boy, did everything change.

What is a Vitamin c shower head and how do they work?

Hard water? No problem.

The shower head neutralises chlorine, limescale and bacteria build-up from your shower, leaving your water free from impurities.

It's also infuses the water with Vitamin C which promises to leave your hair and skin feeling silky soft.

Listen up if you experience dry skin...

One of the most notable problems with hard water is that it can serve as a trigger for dry skin issues. In fact, the NHS website lists 'hard' water as one of the major causes of eczema. Frequent exposure to a weak irritant like hard, chalky water can cause a variety of problems.


You can choose from a hand held shower head (if your water comes from the tap) or a wall mounted shower. They are not suitable for electric showers.

What are the benefits of a Vitamin C shower head?

I was blown away by how much of a difference the Vitamin C shower head made. You could feel how much softer the water felt and it had a lovely subtle smell.

My shower was suddenly a spa-like experience and I was into it.

My skin felt softer, even before applying body moisturiser. My hair was a lot more manageable and shiny.

Where had I been all my life with a bog-standard shower head, I honestly don't know.

What's even more, the product generates 3-6 times higher water pressure than standard shower heads, whilst saving up to 25% of water each time you shower. Genius.

One pleased customer wrote, "Super easy installation! Love the water pressure and I can already feel a difference with my skin and hair!

And the smell is absolutely amazing!"

Another commented, "Have been thoroughly enjoying smoother skin and less frizzy hair coupled with a yummy citrus scent for my morning wake up. No turning back now!"vitamin c shower head