Huda Beauty: The Skin-Smoothing Golden Glow: Vita Clean Golden Shimmer Coffee Scrub

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5 Amazing Body Products That Will (Actually) Transform Your Skin

We all have that one dress we wear, and everywhere we go, people tell us how great we look in it. Well, we’ve found the same with certain body products we’ve been using, whether people tell us our glow is next level or they walk into the room and say how great the room smells when really, it’s just our body lotion. Here’re five body products we just don’t stop getting compliments from, and that make us feel super boujee whenever we wear them:

The Skin-Smoothing Golden Glow: Vita Clean Golden Shimmer Coffee Scrub

vitaclean coffee scrub

This shimmering coffee scrub is unlike any other scrub we’ve ever tried! Frank Body may have a little shimmer in their coffee scrubs, but Vita Clean’s Golden Shimmer scrub literally leaves your skin drenched in a sexy golden glow. Not only will it make your skin look amazing immediately, it also smells great and works really effectively to slough away dead skin cells and smooth and nourish the skin.

coffee scrub

It’s packed with antioxidant-rich coffee, mineral-rich dead sea salt, exfoliating sugar, hydrating coconut oil, and shimmering mica that get the job done, and some more! If your tan or fake tan is fading patchy, exfoliate with this to buff away and even the skin tone, and the golden shimmer will balance any remaining unevenness.