Lorri Goddard, colourist behind some of Hollywood's best blondes, shares her summer hair rules. 

how to protect your hair in the sun


With holiday season upon us, we asked celebrity colourist and blonde hair whisperer Lorri Goddard (she's behind the colour of Jennifer Lawrence, Reese Witherspoon and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, above) to share her summer hair rules. If you want to keep your hair both bright and soft, from beach to bar, try these tips:

1) Invest in a shower filter. Switch out your regular shower head for the Vitaclean HQ, a vitamin C and essential oil filtered shower head or the Orb Spa Vibra Soft filter to remove heavy metals like mercury, magnesium and copper; iron and rust from steel piping which leads to brassy colour; and chlorine, which studies have found present in household water in levels near the recommended amount for swimming pools. "Filtering out these toxins will help to save the vibrancy of your colour," says Goddard.

2) Lock in colour at the salon. "I use the B3 Brazilian Bond Builder on every single one of my clients. It's a little ampule that packs a serious punch and prevents colour from literally washing out of your hair by keeping the inner and outer hair layers healthy, tightly sealed and protected."

3) Rinse your hair before and after swimming. "Think about what chlorine is: a super powerful cleaning agent meant to kill germs in the water. When it comes into contact with your hair—especially if you're under the sun—the heat activates the chemicals stripping agents, which is why blonde hair turns green," says Goddard, who says it's crucial to rinse your hair immediately after getting out of the pool, but also right before. "If you go in with drenched hair, it will absorb less chlorine."

4) Use a hair sunscreen. SPF for your hair operates a little differently than SPF for your skin in terms of ingredients, but the idea is the same. Sachajuan Hair In the Sun uses a co-polymer of coconut oil and cinnamon that acts as a UV filter, absorbing rays and keeping your hair from losing colour and moisture.

5) Cool down your hot tools. There are tons of new products developed specifically for air-dried styles (we love Bumble and Bumble Don't Blow It and Shu Uemura Wonder Worker) but if you can't bear to give up your blowdryer and curling wand just yet, at least make sure to turn the temperature way down. "Cumulative heat destroys hair by damaging the cuticle, causing breakage and dulling colour—the medium heat setting should allow you to accomplish almost any desired style."

Vitaclean featured in Harper's Bazaar US