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Taking aromatherapy showers at home is now an affordable possibility, thanks to Vitaclean’s two creators, Sara Douglas  Kristina Velkova. The UK-based business features reasonably priced showerheads that come with essential-oil filled filters, which are interchangeable and provide the user with a spa-like scent and amazing water pressure, every time they shower. And, Vitaclean uses innovative technology to reduce water consumption by 25 percent.

It was essential to Velkova and Douglas to create a product that was environmentally-friendly. It’s an excellent pattern to see that many companies and organizations created by millennials are finding ways to be greener and better than their predecessors. The two women met while working in the UK, deciding to tackle a problem they both faced while traveling: shower water quality.

Chlorination in salt water can mess with the PH levels of your skin and hair, drying it out and making it difficult to maintain. Water filtration systems are often expensive, un-friendly for renters, and definitely, don’t help in travel situations. Which is where Vitaclean comes in. Rather than replacing every pipe in your home, simply invest in a new showerhead.

Every product has the capability to give you the best aromatherapy showers at home, with an infusion of Vitamin C and fragrance oils that melt as soon as the water comes on, helping you to relax. The oils also service to moisturize and maintain, making this an amazingly practical beauty product.

In a recent interview with This Way, the women explained:

“We launched Vitaclean with core values that we live by. Besides wanting to provide an easy [core] solution to great skin and hair, we also wanted to create a company that understand our generation’s needs and problems. In an oversaturated/competitive job market and still predominantly male-ruled business world, we found little room to truly express our skills and determination to create what we truly wanted. Vitaclean serves as a platform to spread awareness about important topics such as water conservation, human trafficking and conscious consumption whilst using social media to communicate our efforts.”

Since the products require a change of filter every once in a while, the screens are pretty affordable and come in a bunch of scents, from floral to fruity.

Vitaclean recently partnered with The Solyna Foundation, which works to increase awareness and fundraise for victims of human trafficking in Cambodia (The Solyna foundation works with AFESIP, a Cambodian organization that gives money directly to women in unfortunate situations and works to provide former sex-trafficking victims a new life), creating a golden shimmer-scrub. A part of the proceeds from this product  directly to charity.

Vitaclean sells products directly on their website, but they also have showerheads available throughout Amazon, Urban Outfitters, Selfridges, and other retailers.

Take a look at this YouTube review and decide for yourself if it’s worth trying (but isn’t anything that can help beat this dry winter skin worth trying??)!