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We’ve covered what to do at home to help maintain your hair colour, but that is not the only thing we’re asked about. So we’ve asked our expert collaborators the best ways to maintain your cut and style while at home.

How best to maintain a cut while on lock down?

This has easily been the biggest debate between hairdressers and clients on lock down.

Says Jonathan Andrew, Fudge Professional’s Global Brand Ambassador and Hair Stylist.

From my perspective I can’t say it’s something I recommend attempting, I promise you dealing with an extra inch of hair is much more manageable than a haircut you make up. The other reason I don’t suggest it is that everyone’s mental health will be put to the test during this time and 9 times out of 10 cutting and colouring your own hair will only amplify this when it doesn’t go as planned.

We suggest root stimulating products that will aid growth and strengthen the hair fibre. Since you have to let it grow out anyways, at least make sure it grows strong and healthy.
Vitaclean Vitamin C Aromatherapy Filtered Shower Head
Antibacterial at-home spa essential, which is ideal for the home during this time!
Loved by hairstylists including Justine Marjan & Danielle Priano who have worked with the Kardashians, Victoria’s Secret Angels and Hollywood A-listers, Vitaclean works by removing shower water impurities and toxins to restore skin and hair to their natural lustre. They’re the solution to the UK’s hard water, acting as a quick, easy and effective way to neutralise chlorine, limescale and bacteria build-up from your shower.
Various scents available including citrus, coconut & vanilla, jasmine and more.
Washing your hair is not a problem and won’t affect your hair, as long as you are using the right conditioners, try to avoid shampoos and conditioners with sulphates and parabens. Let it air dry after, apply your favourite serums to ease frizz and embrace your natural hair texture.”  Inanch Emir, Creative Director Inanch London and Celebrity Stylist
Grow Gorgeous Intense Hair Growth Serum
Grow Gorgeous Intense Hair Growth Serum, RRP £45.00 for 60ml, available online at Grow Gorgeous, Boots and
Powered by a unique complex of active ingredients such as Organic Pea Sprout, Green Tea and Caffeine, this ultra-concentrated serum for fine, thinning hair works to increase the thickness of each strand by up to 13%* and enhance your hair’s strength and density. Massage 20 drops into dry or towel dried hair, directly onto scalp and hairline and smooth excess into hair length.
(*Based on an independent user trial and instrumental testing)
Bondi Boost Procapil Hair Growth Tonic
BondiBoost™ Hair Growth Tonic has been developed with the latest Procapil technology a high performance, results driven leave-in formulation to stimulate hair growth and reduce hair loss.
Bondi Boost Procapil Hair Growth Tonic, RRP £22.50, available at Boots in-store and online
Daniel Campbell, Lush Product Inventor and Cosmetic Scientist tells us:
The free time that we have at home (at the moment) is a great opportunity to break out of our regular routines and try some things we wouldn’t normally try.
When it comes to cutting your hair, please don’t do it to yourself. If you want to experiment with products and new styling techniques, try using the diffuser that’s sitting at the bottom of your wardrobe. Changing the products you use, how you apply them, the order you apply them in as well as how you use heat on your hair can give dramatic changes that will give you that new hair fix whilst on lock down.
If you’ve got a good hairdresser or barber the cut should maintain itself, however if you notice anything you’re not happy with, take a photo and bring that to your next appointment.
Grow Gorgeous Intense Thickening Hair & Scalp Mask
Grow Gorgeous Intense Tickening Hair & Scalp Mask, RRP £25.00 for 200ml, available at Grow Gorgeous and Boots
Use it to prep your hair and to visibly increase hair thickness and softly nourish the scalp. Based on skincare principles, it has Caffeine, Oat Lipids and Hyaluronic Acid to help nourish and stimulate scalp and roots and Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Pea Peptides and Amino Acids to condition and revive hair strands. Apply to damp hair for an intense treatment. Massage the product onto your scalp then smooth through the lengths and ends of your hair. Leave for ten minutes. Rinse thoroughly. Use 1-2 times per week.
Grow Gorgeous Intense Thickening Shampoo
Grow Gorgeous Intense Thickening Shampoo, RRP £16.00 for 250ml, available at Grow Gorgeous, Boots and
Wake hair up at the roots with this caffeine-enriched shampoo to gently cleanse strands, leaving hair voluminous and full. With Biotin, Niacimide and Caffeine to energise, nourish and moisturise scalp and roots and Rice Proteins and Amino Acids to add volume and increase manageability and shine to the hair.
Grow Gorgeous Intense Thickening Conditioner
Grow Gorgeous Intense Thickening Conditioner, RRP £18.00 for 250ml, available at Grow Gorgeous, Boots and
Moisturise to visibly increase hair density, this conditioner is uniquely formulated to leave strands thick, healthy and soft. With Caffeine, Hyaluronic Acid and Amla Oil, which is rich in omega 3 and 6 to provide intense nourishment, moisture and stimulate scalp and Rice Protein, Provitamin B5 and Amino Acids to help promote volume, smooth and healthy looking hair.
Inanch Emir, Creative Director Inanch London and Celebrity Stylist’s advice is:
If you can our best advice would be let your hair grow, however, we understand this could be tricky with fringes, therefore we’ve put together this short “how to” clip. 
Step 1: Section away the hair that you don’ want to cut.
Step 2: Clean up the section you want to cut.
Step 3: Comb your fringe straight down.
Step 4: Hold your fringe in between your 2 fingers, slide down and twist.
Step 5: Using sharp scissors, cut straight across just below where you want the hair to sit. Remember that the hair will spring up.

Video available here.
Should we keep up the Blow-dry or let it air-dry?
This is the time to listen to your hair, everyone will know what they put their hair through on a daily basis so if you are using lots of heat every day, now is the perfect time to lay off and give your hair some time to repair and heal. I suggest you use more conditioner, try a masque every couple of days, moisture and conditioner will be your friend.” – Fudge Professional’s Global Brand Ambassador and Hair Stylist, Jonathan Andrew 
Bondi Boost Miracle Mask
A weekly treatment mask packed with nutritious oils including Argan (a potent natural moisturiser), Abyssinian (intensely hydrating), Macadamia (strengthening), Castor (said to help reduce hair fall) and Jojoba (helps to fight frizz). Plus, it smells like candy canes. 
Bondi Boost Miracle Mask, RRP £25.95, available at Boots in-store and online
I can recommend HASK for this also. As you are aware, staying at home can cause dryness in both your skin and hair therefore the HASK Deep Conditioners are a great way to combat this. Celebrity Hair Stylist Cheryl Marks has used the Deep Conditioners on film sets such as ‘Pitch Perfect’ and ‘Isn’t It Romantic’ to keep actresses hair healthy on set. She said “HASK Deep Conditioning Treatments are a must for keeping hair healthy and manageable.”
Available at
In particular the Argan Range is a favourite of mine as it is hydrating and strengthening.
Air-dry. Give your hair a break from the heat. However, if you just can’t be without your perfect blow out, try to minimise the damage. Use protective products and try our Gold Class Thermal Super Brush, the unique design of the pneumatic base of the brush is in fact constituted by a vented hexagonal shape which allows even distribution of hot-air from your hairdryer without stressing or drying out the hair. The brush is also excellent for hair masks, brushing wet hair and safely detangling all hair lengths and textures without snagging.
With our brand, Gold Class Hair we have created a #healthyhomehair and body kit which includes our beautiful Gold Class Soft Bristle Brush, Gold Class Argan Oil, Gold Class Argan Oil Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Wash and Body Lotion, all stored in a handy zip-up storage bag. Try not to use “heat” on your hair during the lock down.  It’s your chance to give your hair a good break from the daily  exposure to heat.” – Inanch Emir, Creative Director Inanch London and Celebrity Stylist
You can continue to use heat on your hair but check your temperatures! You need a temperature of 185C, anything higher will burn and melt your hair, over 210C the bonds inside the hair start to break making the hair weak. Anything lower will mean it’s harder to style your hair to get shine and longevity.
Once you style your hair with heat, apply cold air to it, this will reset the bonds between the individual hair strands and help make your style last longer.
Constantly allowing your hair to dry naturally (air-dry) may put unnecessary strain on it, as hair can absorb up to 30% of its own weight in water, with repeat swelling and slow drying (air drying) the cortex of the hair can become fractured leading to permanent damage.
” – Daniel Campbell, Lush Product Inventor and Cosmetic Scientist
Bondi Boost Elixir Oil
Bondi Boost Elixir Oil, RRP £19.50, available at Boots in-store and online
Quench thirsty, dry strands with BondiBoost™ pre-shampoo Elixir oil. Nourishing Jamaican Black Castor, Coconut, Argan and Walnut Oils infuse the scalp with natural oils calming frizz and smoothing split ends, leaving long-lasting softness and shine.
Should we wash it more or give it a rest?
Again this depends on your hair, I would say stick to what you normally do but take more time with it and really maximise the time you have to boost the condition on it.” – Fudge Professional’s Global Brand Ambassador and Hair Stylist, Jonathan Andrew 
Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo
amika perk up dry shampoo, RRP £20.00, available at Birchbox
This dry shampoo does more than just the basics of absorbing excess oil, it boosts volume, enhances shine, and revives your style, all without any chalky residue. Use it to add texture to braids, refresh post-workout, or on second (or third!) day hairstyles.
MONAT Advanced Hydrating Shampoo
MONAT Advanced Hydrating Shampoo, RRP £35.00, available online at
This vegan, cruelty and sulphate-free formula hydrates as it cleanses for the first step in improved manageability, bounce, body and magnificent shine. As in all MONAT shampoos, Capixyl™ supports natural hair growth for the ultimate in pro-ageing haircare. Rejuveniqe S™ and PatcH20™ instantly infuse parched, dehydrated hair with intense moisture.
MONAT Advanced Hydrating Conditioner
MONAT Advanced Hydrating Conditioner, RRP £43.00, available online at 
This vegan, cruelty-free feather-light conditioner delivers heavyweight hydration. Murumuru seed butter and Babassu kernel oil work alongside hair growth treatment Capixyl™, Hyaluronic acid and MONAT exclusive thirst-quenching hydration ingredient REJUVENIQE S™ for the ultimate in soft, manageable and bouncy hair.
Wash your hair as often as you’d like to but don’t do it blindly, if your hair is starting to dry out switch to a lower activity shampoo, one with lower levels of detergents. Make sure you use conditioners and intensive treatments, this is a good time to give your hair the TLC you’ve been promising it all these years.

If you use a lot of product on your hair or you live in a hard water area (look for limescale in your kettle) using products with an acid pH, between 3 – 5  will help “detox” your hair. Alternatively if you’ve got fine or thin hair, doing a salt rinse will help add body and texture to your hair, don’t over salt though as it will become brittle.

For curls, small amounts of olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil or almond oil twisted through dry hair should help improve curl definition – never use heat on hair with Oil or Oil Products that don’t offer heat protection (check the labels), this will literally fry your hair.

Bond Builder Products are great but don’t over use them as they
 can make the hair brittle and more likely to snap.” – Daniel Campbell, Lush Product Inventor and Cosmetic Scientist
Bondi Boost Hair Growth Shampoo and Conditioner
Reach your hair goals faster. This Australian made power-packed formula was engineered to intuitively target and transform hair while being free from parabens, sulphates and DEA agents. Packed with vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that revitalise the hair shaft, plus key essential oils and ingredients to strengthen and hydrate, while reducing split ends and breakage to maximise length. For softer, fuller, healthier-looking strands choose this zingy, peppermint-scented duo to get you there.
Bondi Boost Hair Growth Shampoo & Conditioner, RRP £22.50 each, available at Boots online and in-store
Bouclème, the revolutionary plant powered hair care range for curls, has created a 30 day challenge to revitalise and uplift curly locks. Whilst we are all spending extra time at home, why not utilise this time to put down the straighteners and embrace your natural curls or try transitioning to a plant based haircare system and see the difference a Bouclème routine can make.
Bouclème have created three challenge kits to cater to all curls types from wavy and curly to coily. Each kit contains the essential products to see you through the 30 days and beyond. Throughout the 30 days, you will receive week by week tips and tricks on application and how to refresh curls in between washes. Support is available from the Bouclème team, you can email them at for tailored advice on any concerns that crop up along your journey.
Available online at
30 Days To Waves Kit contains: Hydrating Curl Cleanser 300ml, Curl Conditioner 300ml, Super Hold Styler 250ml, Curl Defining Gel 300ml
RRP £56.00 (worth £65.00)
30 Days To Curls Kit contains: Curl Cleanser 300ml, Curl Conditioner 300ml, Curl Cream 300ml, Curl Defining Gel 300ml RRP £56.00 (worth £66.00)
30 Days To Coils Kit contains: Curl Cleanser 300ml, Curl Conditioner 300ml, Curl Cream 300ml, Intensive Moisture Treatment 50ml, Curl Defining Gel 100ml RRP £56.00 (worth £66.00)
Caring for hair extensions  advice from Great Lengths
When wearing extensions, although 100% human hair you do need to apply a little more attention when you wash your hair. Pick a shampoo that works with your hair type, Great Lengths have the NEW Silver Shine Shampoo for blondes, a Structure Repair, Daily Moisture and Ultimate Colour shampoo that have all been specially formulated to work in harmony with your Great Lengths Extensions. Be gentle and be patient, avoid encouraging matting by lathering up your shampoo on top of your head, instead gently and slowly massage shampoo from root to tip applying special care when you are washing near your bonds or GL Tapes.
Any conditioners, ensure you don’t apply at the root/application area. Conditioners can affect the bonds or GL Tapes and cause extensions to detach prematurely
.” – Nyree Robinson – Sales Executive
This is the perfect time to dedicate yourself to some well deserved pamper time. Sometimes amongst our busy lifestyles we forget to give ourselves and our hair that extra little bit of attention but whilst you have the time, use it wisely to look after your Great Lengths. Great Lengths have a NEW High Performance Hair Mask that nourishes and moisturises your hair, it’s particularly good for those who are wearing long extensions and doesn’t take long to get to work. Apply to wet hair for 10-15 minutes for an intensive hair treatment.” – Louise Jenkins – Creative & Education Manager
A question we receive a lot is how do I brush my Great Lengths? Again with our busy lifestyles we don’t always show as much attention as we should in this area, but use this time to ensure your Great Lengths are maintained and looked after well to increase longevity between your visit to salons. Use a soft bristle brush, Great Lengths offer these in many sizes to suit all hair types and sweep through the hair from root to tips ensuring you brush over the bonds. For thick and long hair, it’s recommended to separate your hair into sections and brush gradually to ensure minimal pulling on your bonds or GL Tapes. Before brushing also insure you take the time to separate your bonds one by one to ensure no matting or tangles.” – Nyree Robinson – Sales Executive
The Self-Clean Option
Founder of SALON64, Ricky Walters, explains everything we need to know about letting your hair self-clean during lockdown, how it differs between hair types and what to expect!

Self-cleaning your hair can be a good option during lockdown, however only for the right hair types and desired outcome. Anyone with fine, lank, soft, Caucasian hair that wishes to get volume or bounce within their hair, this is certainly not the option for you.
For those that find their hair is forever dry, and very often those with thick, curly coarse hair, this could be a great solution for you. The oil produced from our scalp is called sebum. Those with curly thick dry hair often find their scalp and hair need a little helping hand and apply artificial oils and serums to their hair to aid in the hairs’ condition. However, such heads of hair are then washed each week almost defeating the object. 
If you are the type of person that finds your hair looks it’s best when you wash it less, then self-cleaning could be the choice for you! 
The main rule is to strictly not wash your hair for as long as possible with the theory that your hair and scalp will balance itself out. However, this can be very tricky for those used to a squeaky-clean feeling. Therefore, I suggest going as long as you can without washing and then once you can no longer bare it (perhaps after a week or 2) start by “water washing” your hair. No shampoo! For those with extremely dry hair you can still apply your conditioner as usual. 
As you start this process you will be appalled with how your hair feels and even smells (although this could help with social distancing)! Power through past this point and for those with thicker curlier hair, you will find your curls are better behaved and uniform. For those that find they have a little too much volume, your hair should reduce in size. Once you are at the 3 week “water wash” phase, you will find you have fallen back in love with your hair, using less product and even have a healthier scalp. 
To fully achieve self-cleaning hair, I would throw yourself in for a good month or 2 to see how you really find the results. You can always return back to shampoo and then go on another self-cleaning rehabilitation for your hair and scalps sake.

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