6 Shower Essentials to Keep Up Your Hygiene Game

Vitaclean featured in Kossie Magazine  by Kathy Wai

Have You Tried Any Of These 6 Best Shower Products?

While we all probably agree that 2020 has definitely been one of the toughest years for us, it’s important that we shouldn’t just think of the downside of this very rare situation. Think of the up side where most of us get to actually spend some time at home, focusing on ourselves! During this period of time, I hope that you have been incorporating a lot of self-care, wellness, workouts (in & out of bed) and of course have been practicing good hygiene! To level-up your hygiene game at home to make the not-so-good time slightly better, we have tried some of the best shower products for you this month to make your shower experience better than ever!

VitaClean Shower Head + Citrus Vitamin C Shot

Often people forget how important the water quality is in the shower! If you have been experiencing dry skin and hair, definitely try out this combo! I was a little skeptical about this product but the Vitamin C gives a lovely citrus scent which turns shower into a spa-like experience. Skin does feel softer and I can definitely see this having a more obvious result if you live in area with hard water. Very easy installation and also didn’t affect the water pressure which is great!