Golden Shimmer Coffee Scrub Holiday Offer

Golden Shimmer Coffee Scrub Holiday Offer


The festive season is just around the corner, and while celebrations are in full swing, don't forget to give your skin some tender, loving care.

Not only does our Golden Shimmer Coffee Scrub exfoliate dry, dead skin; the coconut oil moisturizes and hydrates, leaving your skin with a golden glow, so you can feel like a glowing goddess during the party season. 

As an exclusive holiday offer until the end of the year, we’re gifting you one complimentary scrub when you sign up to a 3-month scrub subscription.

T&C's apply, read here.

200 grams

What’s in the scrub?

Coffee: Packed full of antioxidants, coffee gently exfoliates dry skin, leaving it silky smooth. It is also a natural anti-inflammatory and known to help reduce cellulite.

Dead Sea Salt: Our bodies lose essential minerals throughout the day. Dead sea salt contains 21 of these minerals (including: potassium, magnesium, calcium, bromide, iodine, sulfur, sodium, and zinc) and can help to replenish them. The skin absorbs these minerals, while scrubbing helps to detoxify and cleanse our bodies.

Sugar: Not only does sugar boost circulation, it also helps to drain lymph nodes by increasing blood flow to the skin’s surface.

Coconut oil: With rich moisturising properties, it hydrates and nourishes the skin.

Mica: Our secret ingredient! Mica naturally occurs in the earth. We’ve crushed it into a fine powder for a natural-looking glow all year round.

How do you use it?

Scrub in a circular motion all over your body and rinse off. We recommend using the scrub towards the end of your shower to maximise your glow.