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Spa-like shower filter system with three levels of filtration

Unfiltered water, both hard and soft, carries harsh minerals and impurities from dirty, rusty pipes that can damage your skin and hair.

Vitaclean uses a three-part filtration system to filter your water, capture pipe rust and dirt, and turn your shower into a scented spa. Vitamin C and essential oils help improve the health and shine of skin and hair, 80% of customers see results in just one shower.

Free 3-Pack Microfiber Cloths


30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Benefits of using Vitaclean


Vitamin C and essential oils help to soften hard water.


3 levels of filtration remove nasties like chlorine, calcium, and rust.


A range of therapeutic scents that can help relax or energize you.


Skip, pause, or cancel anytime. Swap out your shots or filters as needed.

Choose between Handheld or Wall Mount

Handheld Starter Kit

Handheld Starter Kit (Handheld showers are attached to a hose)

Wall Mount Starter Kit

Wall Mount Starter Kit (Wall Mount showers attach to wall pipe attachments)

  1. 1
    All-in-one starter kit

    Get everything you need to transform your shower into a spa-like oasis. Easily installs in less than 2 minutes. No handyman needed.

  2. 2
    Subscription savings & easy refills

    Regularly change your filters for optional filtration. We offer a discount of 20% when you subscribe. Cancel, pause, or skip your subscription anytime you want.

Best Value

Wall Mount Starter Kit + Subscription Bundle (180 uses)

$161 $188

Starter Kit

Subscription Bundle

30 day money back guarantee

Best Value

Handheld Starter Kit + Subscription Bundle (120 uses)

$154 $172

Starter Kit

Subscription Bundle

30 day money back guarantee

Filtered shower water helps benefit the quality of your skin and hair

Handheld Starter Kit
  • Mood boosting scents
  • Vitamin C infused water
  • Strong water pressure
  • Improves skin & hair quality
  • Filters water from residual pipe dirt & rust
  • Easy to install, no handyman needed
  • Easy to maintain filters & subscription

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