Wall Mount Shower Heads

Wall-Mounted Shower Head in White + Lemon Mango Vitamin C Shot


Create your very own spa at home with our white wall-mount shower head. Achieve softer skin and hair with our black Vitaclean shower head pack which includes a wall-mount shower head, microfiber cloth, ceramic balls and Lemon Mango Vitamin C Shot so you can enjoy softer, scented water straight away.

Vitamin C Shot: Lasts 7-8 weeks and fit our wall mount shower

We have 30 days money back guarantee, so give yourself the experience, you deserve it!

Note: If water stream becomes scattered, microfiber cloth must be replaced

Lemon & Mango Vitamin C Shot

Plant Based Ingredients: Ascorbic Acid, Aqua (Water), Dextrin, Parfum (Citrus limon peel oil + Mangifera indica oil), Acacia Senegal Gum, Pectin.

Allergens: Lemon Mango: None

What does a Vitaclean shower head do?

  • Aromatherapy effect: Partnered with a Vitamin C Shot it turns your shower into a deliciously scented spa experience.
  • Chlorine removal: Neutralizes chlorine and removes harsh trihalomethane and other contaminant residues.
  • Vitamin C replenishment: Vitamin C essential oil shots promote healthier hair and skin.
  • High water pressure: Optimises water pressure 1.5 times greater than other brands.
  • Water conservation: Innovative technology reduces water consumption by 25%
  • Rust removal: The microfiber filter traps residual rust, dirt and contaminants in your piping system.
  •  Negative Ionizer: Produces up to four times the amount of negative ions–scientifically proven to aid in breathing, increase blood flow, and alleviate stress.